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DH-7 | Low End Squad |【Arknights】

This strategy is made by using really common operators and easy to substitute.
It's not essential to follow the steps perfectly.
Adjust the strategies a little bit for yourself to suit your own team comp better.

Arknights - Dossoles Holiday:

Arknights - Main Story Levels:

Arknights - Main Story Levels Challenge Mode:

Arknights - Supplies Levels:

Arknights - Chips Levels:

Arknights - Annihilation:

Discord Server:


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StallingArtist : Nice little joke with the team names, subtle but effective
Mr Rhodey : Almost to the end of the first round Kyo. Nice job.

Happy Dossoles Holiday!
As always: Cheers everyone! ^_^
CrRaZzyX : Started playing 3 days ago and this carried the hell out of me, i got tequila niceee.
brunosly bruno : i had no idea where to place the platforms or where to focus my defense, but this looks pretty easy to do now!
kaoberrie : Thank you !!! This strategy made it so much easier

도솔레스 홀리데이 DH-7/6성 2정예로 대충/명일방주

3번 깨야 되는듯?

10 머틀 실버애쉬 에이야 라플
7 프틸
Naiko : Loving your vids! Thanks!
냠 : 공략? 아주좋아~
마이노 : 3번 돌면 다 얻을 수 있는 건가융..
주경훈 : 플스유저는 웁니다...
전광호 : 3번?? ㅠ0ㅠ

Arknights DH-7 Guide Low Stars All Stars

Arknights guide to DH-7 in Dossoles Holiday with low rarity.

Dossoles Guides: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLl6JALi7mHD0-7JRiC5Y-xASh87M0bfjp

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dBs5mdv
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eckogen
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eckogen/
Bluestacks: https://bstk.me/sX4uMNnXy
Eckogen : Operator Replacement Suggestions (ORS):
Noir: Any Defender.
Hibiscus: Any ST Medic.
Fang/Vanilla: Any Vanguard.
Midnight: Any Ranged Guard.
Durin/Steward: Any ST Caster.
Adnachiel/Kroos: Any ST Sniper.
Lancet: Any ST Medic. Bring an actual Medic if struggling.
Mr Rhodey : A nice smooth clear. Well done.

Happy Dossoles Holiday!
As always: Cheers everyone! ^_^
peyerspatch : Still easier than dh5 lol. Thanks for the guides.
DeltaMcKnight : Thanks for the guides, was struggling with DH5, my characters majority are below elite 1 lvl this guides really help me improvised alot.
Mr Garneau : I'm a simple man, I see Lancet-2 and I click




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