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Acne Treament Under The Skin #055

FOOTWORX Karin Andringa : Seeing the blackheads pop is okay. But the video's always stop where the real work starts, namely the big bloody pimpels popping. It's like waiting for the big climax, that never comes!!
R Susan Eaves : I read some of the comments before I watched the video and I don't quite agree with some of them. Thuy consistently removes 99% of the contents of a targeted pimple and not necessarily those around it. It's frustrating for those who like a more through cleaning of an area, however I have come to terms with the method she uses. I do not see much of a difference in this video compared to the others. Very good work.
Mayumi Hamano : Será que só eu que relaxa vendo esses vídeo?!!
jamie golden : This should be the standard that all of these salons aim for. Truly the best in every aspect.
Sue Callahan : Thank you for being so gentle with your clients.

Acne Hidden Under The Skin | Mụn Ẩn Dưới Da - SacDepSpa#272

Làm sạch mụn ẩn sâu dưới da

Lưu ý:
Các loại mụn ẩn sâu, mụn viêm... nhân mụn khó thấy các bạn không nên lấy mụn ở nhà để tránh tình trạng mụn viêm nặng hơn mà hãy tìm địa chỉ uy tín để thực hiện
Tiêu đề sử dụng ngôn ngữ tiếng anh được chuyển từ trình dịch nên có thể không phải là bản dịch hay nhất mong các bạn thông cảm.

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Video được thực hiện tại Sắc Đẹp Spa
Liên hệ Sắc Đẹp Spa: 439/38 Nguyễn Văn Khối (Cây Trâm), P8, Gò Vấp, TP HCM - Hotline: 096 996 6923 (Thủy)
Kênh thành viên @Thuy Truong Sac Dep Spa ​
Deb C : The best thing about her extractions is that she doesn’t stab and jab hard. She uses finesse.
Diane Clark : Thuy is committed to be the BEST THAT SHE CAN BE FOR EVERY CLIENT!!
Owen Gordon : That was one of the best job's I have seen done so far. Much easier targets, but that was a "getter done"
Thuy, that was some of your best work. Take the rest of the week off and enjoy life.
Good morning from the Chesapeake Basin. USA
Mia DeMelo : I can’t believe you don’t have 3x the subscribers! You are one of the top 3 estheticians on YouTube!
Frances Stratton : Even though I don’t understand a word your saying, I can feel the true compassion you have for your clients!! ❤️❤️✌️

My Best & Worst Luxury Purchases


#luxury #bestandworst #designer

Sponsor me for running the London Marathon for Dogs Trust here:

I sell my unwanted items on Depop here:



All of the featured items were bought not gifted

ALL THE LINKS (In order of appearance)
Most of the below links are AFFILIATE LINKS and by making a purchase via these links we will earn a small percentage of commission, which means that we can keep creating content for you guys to watch. Some of these links do use cookies. If a link doesn’t work that means the item is either sold out or not available in your country.

V-Neck Jumper
White Jeans
Gold Disc Necklace
Gold Fine Chain Choker

1. Vintage Chanel Backpack also here

2. Céline 'Baby Audrey' Sunglasses
Dupes here

3. Gucci 'Brixton' Loafers
Dupes here

4. Loewe Puzzle Bag (Small) with silver hardware
Real Leather Dupe here
Faux Leather Dupe here

5. Hérmes 'Oran' Flat Sandals
Leather Dupes here


1. Acne 'Jensen' Boots also available here
Dupes here

2. Gucci 'Marmont' Belt (Medium)

3. Céline 'Phantom' Luggage Bag

4. Chanel Slingbacks
Dupes here

5. Céline 'Edge' Sunglasses - sorry guys, I can't find these anywhere online
Dupes here

Editing by Simon
Tinsley Dillon : I literally adore how detailed all of your reviews are! You have taught me so much about luxury fashion, fashion materials, and how to detect quality! You talk about so many technicallities that are based around true fashion knowledge and then practicalities like how the leather makes a squeaking noise when you walk (that had me laughing so hard)! I hope I have your knowledge of fashion some day!
Erin B : I bought the Acne Jensen boots and they took over three months of crippling agony to break in, wearing them almost every day! But after all of that suffering they are now some of the comfiest shoes that I own, so the suffering (now a distant memory) was worth it but I would never do it again haha! xxx
Kristine Kramer : Brilliant choices, I have some of them and agree whole-heartedly.
I also have the GG-Gucci-belt in black, and I regret it too. I was sucked in to the instagram-hype, and have now learned not invest to much in trends that are flashy and so recognizable. Every time I go to wear it, it just feels so 2-years ago.
The gucci loafers on the other hand was worth every penny. Although they were very hyped too, they are more timeless and not flashy.
I bought the Loewe puzzle in tan in November, I wanted to wait and see if it was just another trend, but I feel like it has aged well for such a popular bag, and so far it seems like the best purchase I ever made. I live in Denmark, and never see it anywhere else on the street, and most people don't know the bag or the brand.
Apart from this, one of my worst investments has been an Acne Studios knit. It is 100% wool and itches so so much, and the shape sort of billows out, which doesn't suit me at all. I should have returned it then but I really liked the style on the hanger. I should have stuck with some of their softer and timeless knits, but went for a trend piece.
Alex : Not surprised to see the Gucci belt, I rarely see one styled in a way that doesn’t look gaudy just because of the massive logo, I’m just not a fan of the logo mania.
Somara : Emma the reasoning for Hermès being so expensive is because it is one of the only luxury brands left in the world. Unlike other “luxury brands” the Hermès house does everything by hand and in house - not outsourcing anything to China (or similar countries). You get what you pay for when it comes to Hermès unlike Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. which have almost taken on similar to high street manufacturing processes.




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